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in Saint-Dizier

Book your stay in our hotel in Saint-Dizier and take advantage of the diversity of activities the city has to offer!

Enjoy the Lac du Der during your stay in Saint-Dizier. Originally designed to protect Paris from flooding, it is the largest artificial lake in Europe. You can swim in it or indulge in all sorts of water activities, from sailing to jet skiing, and a quieter ride on a pedal boat.

Its 77 kilometres of shoreline are also perfect for walking, cycling, horse riding or fishing on the lake.

Whether you're a simple walker or a seasoned hiker, you can take the Marne-Ornel circuit for an 18-kilometre restful hike.

Saint-Dizier is also a town that celebrates culture in all its forms. Numerous concerts and events are organised there throughout the year, notably at the Parc du Jard, in the heart of the town centre.

Don't hesitate any longer, quickly find the charm and comfort of our hotel in Saint-Dizier!